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X-Men Movieverse

An X-Men MOO

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Welcome to the LJ community for the players of X-Men Movieverse, an online, MOO-based role-playing game. Feel free to discuss any and all issues, IC and OOC, share crazy stuff, post fanfic, fanart, what have you. No worries about spamming the mailers on here, so talk, plot, and rant away!

We also try to post all our IC news posts here, for future reference and cateloguing and to make cross-referencing with the webpage easier and more manageable.

Free speech is encouraged, but remember to play nice with your fellow gamers. Also remember that though the game is rated 'R' for language and adult themes, we pefer non-Tarantino film language levels. Finally, use cut-tags for long entries.

Get it? Got it? Good.


Please note that the community is only for posts relating to the game of X-Men Movieverse. Advertisements and solicitations will be deleted.